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With Wickid, the admin/webmaster can focus on style and design and leave content input to other members of your board or organization. To input content, you don't need to leave the page, and you don't need to know HTML. That means even the most technophobic member of your board will stop bugging the webmaster to fix typos and update announcements!


Stylistic Control

User Management

On Page Editing
No HTML knowledge required to make bullets, links, images
Though, HTML can still be used if you wish
Intuitively create a structure for the website with the section/block layout
The Admin can use CSS to design the style of the page and of each section
The Admin can use all HTML/CSS in the front end to design the webpage, and then lock certain parts of the code so that only Admins can edit these parts.
You can control who can edit what block
You can control who can view what block (so you can have for board members' eyes only page, for members' eyes only page, for webmaster eyes only page, etc.)
Within a block, admins can use the wickilock tags to lock certain parts of the block, making them uneditable
Our Philosophy
No task should take more than three steps.

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heading! Look! Wiki-style tags

See, you can also do HTML if you want

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