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A Wickid Webpage in 3 Steps

Step 1. Section Page

In the backend, the admin first carves up to page into respective sections. This is what the main layout of your page will look like.

Step 2. Add Blocks

Then the admin add blocks which will contain content that can be reused for other pages.

Step 3. Add Content

Then both users and admins can add content through the front end, wikipedia style!

Backend: Where Design Lives
Admin Access Only

Frontend: Where Content Lives
Anybody can access, but Admin controls who edits/views what.

What Makes This Wickid?

Separates style/code/design (webmaster) and content input (user). This way, the webmaster can focus on nerd-core things like design/code/look and feel. Website users can focus on content.
Complete freedom to use any html and css tag for the admin
Users can also use HTML tags, but the editor is simple enough so that no knowledge in HTML is required
Admins can grant permission to edit/view for parts of a page, whereas wikis allow only page-by-page permissioning
The name is Wickid

Admin Notes
delete content easier
img wrap
add head tag thing - DONE
add img align right, left, etc thing - DONE
add css sheets for multiple pages - DONE

Our Philosophy
No task should take more than three steps.

Try Out Our Editor Here!
Wickid makes editing webpages super easy. Click on the pencil icon to the right try out the editor now.
Edit me!

what the fish

heading! Look! Wiki-style tags

See, you can also do HTML if you want

Wanna Try This Product?
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full features
access to backend (layout maker)

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I wanna hear 'em! >> random@neuralfirings.com

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